Sunday, 21 March 2010

Kuchigomoru the Pen Guin

We have just received a message from Neen Jah's training base:
As part of her missions, Neen Jah will be sent a fresh new recruit. He has not done any training at all, but he is about to begin.  He is known as Kuchigomoru (pronounce it ku-chi-ma-gore-o) the Pen Guin. He is...well...a penguin. A rather plump one, if he doesn't mind me saying. We have some photos of him and what he likes doing:
See the crisps? Did you notice that they're fish flavour? (He's watching T.V.)
That's one big bed for a little penguin. (He still in bed at 2 in the afternoon. And he still has the crisps.)  
Those photos kinda make you wonder why he would want to be a ninja.
 Lets hope Neen Jah can get him into shape and make him into a proper ninja. I have a feeling that's gonna take a loooooooooong time!
 Neen Jah sholud be arriving here with Kuchigomoru (lets just call him Kuchi) in a few days. She has been given a little time to gather all her things together and say goodbye to all her friends and family. At least now she will have someone to keep her company on the long journey from the training base in Japan.

 We will be back with more news on Neen Jah soon.

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