Sunday, 18 April 2010

Kung Fu Death Throw

Some people used  to doubt Neen Jah and her abilities as a ninja. But then they were shown this:

You see? Bunnies may be small and they may look harmless, but mess with them and they unleash a fury of Kung Fu! They have amazing ninja powers!* We'll be back soon with more reports on Neen Jah!

* Unfortunately they do not have amazing spelling powers!!!

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Neen Jah has arrived!

She's here! She's arrived! You'd think she would be a little bit jet lagged but:

She's ready to raid the biscuit tin!
Almost there....
Nearly got it....*
Yes! Success!
Mission Accomplished!
She's got skill, She's got style, She's cute little bunny tail!

See! So cute!
We will be back with news on Neen Jah's latest missions soon!

*O.K., some of you clever-clogs have probably noticed that shots 1,2&3 are all the same , but from different angles. What's wrong with that?:)  

Monday, 22 March 2010

Still not arrived

Neen Jah the Buhn Nee is taking a long time on her travels from Japan. Her journey from the training base in the high mountains of Japan is a difficult and challenging one. But, do not underestimate the power of her group, the "Tiny Ninjas". They are trained to cope with situations much tougher than this, including when all the chocolate cake has been eaten. (Kuchi!)
 Hopefully she will arrive soon.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Kuchigomoru the Pen Guin

We have just received a message from Neen Jah's training base:
As part of her missions, Neen Jah will be sent a fresh new recruit. He has not done any training at all, but he is about to begin.  He is known as Kuchigomoru (pronounce it ku-chi-ma-gore-o) the Pen Guin. He is...well...a penguin. A rather plump one, if he doesn't mind me saying. We have some photos of him and what he likes doing:
See the crisps? Did you notice that they're fish flavour? (He's watching T.V.)
That's one big bed for a little penguin. (He still in bed at 2 in the afternoon. And he still has the crisps.)  
Those photos kinda make you wonder why he would want to be a ninja.
 Lets hope Neen Jah can get him into shape and make him into a proper ninja. I have a feeling that's gonna take a loooooooooong time!
 Neen Jah sholud be arriving here with Kuchigomoru (lets just call him Kuchi) in a few days. She has been given a little time to gather all her things together and say goodbye to all her friends and family. At least now she will have someone to keep her company on the long journey from the training base in Japan.

 We will be back with more news on Neen Jah soon.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Ninja Skillz

We have just received a secret message from Neen Jah's training base: Neen Jah is about to be relocated to a house in the city. This will be very hard for her as she will have to set aside her friends and family and move away to live in somewhere that she has never even been to before. To help her through these hard times, Master Geen Jah has given her this signed poster of him:

You see that little mark on the wall? That is his signature.
Anyway, as Neen Jah will be moving away from the training base, it will be up to us to follow her around her new life and make sure she is O.K. and up to speed with all of her missions. Neen Jah should be arriving in a few days, under cover as a new toy bunny for one of the children living in the house.

PLEASE NOTE: Because you have read this message, you now know top-secret information and we will have to kill you. Sorry!

Master Geen Jah says Hi

Neen Jah the Buhn Nee has learnt all she knows from her Sensei, Master Geen Jah. Due to his skills in concealment and disguise, photos of him are rare, but here is one he agreed to pose for;
Neen Jah is very young, and still has a lot to learn from Master Geen Jah. But, as she has completed most of her training, she is beginning her missions.